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MTPL insurance is a mandatory auto liability insurance valid in the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The insurance covers the payment of insurance compensation for damages caused as a result of vehicle accidents that occur on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The insured risks include the damage suffered by third parties, such as bodily injury or death, property damage, or destruction.

The maximum limits of compensation for damages caused by vehicles are:

  • Up to 100 000 euros for damage or destruction of property (compared to one million lei at present);
  • Up to 100 000 euros for each injured person in case of bodily harm or death, but not more than 500 000 euros, regardless of the number of people injured in a road accident (compared to one million lei at present);
  • Up to 15 000 lei for damages claimed based on the amicable settlement procedure of the accident;
  • Up to 5 000 euros for moral damages (only as a result of disability or death) for an injured person, but not more than 10 000 euros, regardless of the number of injured persons.

The maximum compensation limits apply for each accident, regardless of the number of vehicles involved.


The cost of MTPL insurance in the Republic of Moldova varies depending on several factors, including the type of vehicle, the cylinder capacity/electric power, the insured person's status (legal/individual), the insured person's domicile, the insured person's driving history (Bonus/Malus), and the vehicle's intended use.

To obtain an exact price, please complete the form above.

Claim process

  • In the case of minor damages (estimated up to 15,000 MDL), you can opt for an amicable settlement. The amicable settlement is a simple option and can only be carried out when two vehicles are involved in an accident, and both have valid documents (MTPL insurance, technical inspection report).
  • If you have opted for an amicable settlement, complete the form together with the other driver and make a copy each. You can download the form here.
  • If an amicable settlement is not possible, request a police report and obtain a copy of it.
  • Notify your insurance company immediately and provide them with all the necessary information and documents to start the claim process.
  • Check and document all the damages and take photos if possible.


The insurance contract does not cover damages caused to the property of the insured person by auto liability, in cases where these damages are caused by a vehicle owned by the insured person, the part of the damage that exceeds the maximum compensation limits provided by law, damages caused by the loss or destruction of valuables, money, precious stones, objects made of precious metals and intellectual property, damages caused at the workplace through the use of machinery or equipment mounted on the vehicle, accidents that occur during the loading and unloading of goods, environmental pollution, accidents that occur during sports competitions and training, damages caused in situations where the insurer's liability has not started or has ended, as well as compensation for moral damages.


To renew MTPL insurance in Moldova, simply complete the form above, choose the insured period, make the payment, and receive the policy via email. It is important to request the extension of the insurance before the expiration date of the current contract; otherwise, you will be at risk of driving without valid insurance.